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Song Name: I Don't Want It
Artist: Ween
Album: Quebec
No. Of Songs In Album: 15
Release Date: 04-Aug-2003
Song Duration: 3.4245
Genere: Alternative
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Ween – I Don’t Want It Lyrics

A-did we miss the moon?
I’d lie in your arms if I could now
Such a common pain
Repeats itself again and again now

Flowers grow in the springtime
And leaves fall from the trees
I’ve been gone for so long
You just threw away the keys

I understand it
But I don’t want it

I know it so well
You tripped me and I laughed when you fell now
This isn’t how it should be
I’ve let you drift so far from me now

But please, hold onto the memories
Before we really crash and burn
We’ve got ourselves so wrapped up
That we’ve forgotten how to learn

I understand it
But I don’t want it

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