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Song Name: I Don't Think So
Artist: Shelby Lynne
Album: Identity Crisis
No. Of Songs In Album: 12
Release Date: 16-Sep-2003
Song Duration: 3.56955
Genere: Country
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Shelby Lynne – I Don’t Think So Lyrics

Will I trip as my dick the organ I think with
Are y’all ever gon’ see me and my click sport pink shit
Do me and bro got the same flow
Money and fame, is that all I’m in the game for
Should I floss at my peers
Is that what motherfuckers that’s struggling really want to hear
Is east coast gangsta rap the hardest
Do west coast radio, support their own artist
Am I just gon’ fade out
Will y’all fall the trap this conscious rap played out
Is all money good
Am I gon’ ever say “Fuck the hood” and go Hollywood
Do I need to roll with some security
All that glitter and gold, is hip-hop still pure to me
Am I a sucker for trim
You think you could come back to me after you done fucked with him

[Chorus: Tracy Lane]
No, I don’t think so; no, I don’t think so
No, I don’t think so; no, I don’t think so
Some man gotta be gettin’ pimped in the game
DO I look like I’m smoking and I’m off that ‘caine
Can’t y’all see what the hell is going on
Don’t sell your soul, you know that shit is wrong
I don’t think so, I don’t think so, I don’t think so

Are these niggaz worth the space they taking up
Do this enemy, want to see motherfuckers waking up
Is radio stations gon’ play this
Is any other rappers gon’ say this
Am I ever gon’ let this rafty man punk me
Did AIDS, really come from some African monkey
Is the black and the brown the one’s thats thugs
Did the gangbangers brang in the guns and drugs
Is staying ignant a part of fate
Is cigarettes, fast food and tap water safe
Do y’all know what you ought to know
Why’d you call your grandmomma a bitch and daughter a hoe
And say whatever you like, should you brag on the mic
Is it really OK to be a fag or a dyke
Was the industry ready for what I came with
Do people want to hear these rappers keep talking about the same shit


Can the devil fool a muslim now-a-days
Are they ever gon’ change their coward ways
Do this government really care about black people
Are the chips ever gon’ be stacked equal
Do they pound giving blacks repirations for slavery
Should we be joining their army or navy
Is it really in god they trust
Do cOllin Powell and Condoleeza Rice, really represent us
Pour forty million or more
Is members of government gon’ send they children to war
Is it really liberation we fighting for
And do homeland security need to be heightened more
Are they really telling the truth
Is it just coincidence the system failing the youth
And is whitey, ever gon’ admit that they did it
Will God almighty, let ’em get away with it


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