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Song Name: Love Message (Original Radio Cut)
Artist: DJ Klubbingman & Trixi Delgado
Album: Love Message
No. Of Songs In Album: 9
Release Date: 21-Oct-2005
Song Duration: 3.5658166666667
Genere: Dance
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Klubbingman – Love Message (original radio cut) Lyrics

Hewitt Jennifer Love
Jennifer Love Hewitt
I Want A Love I Can See
I want a love I can see
That’s the only kind that means a thing to me
Don’t want a love you have to tell me about
That kind of lovin’ I can sure do without

I want a love I can feel
That’s the only kind of lovin’ I think is real
Don’t want to be goin’ by somethin’ I heard
‘Cause baby, action speaks louder than words

I want a love that is mine
In the rain or even in the sunshine
A love that will keep me warm when it’s cold
The kind of lovin’ that will never grow old

I want a love I can see
The kind of love that you could give to me
The kind of kisses to make me melt
The kind of lovin’ that can really be felt

I really want a love
You gotta know
I really need your love
All I really want is your love
I really want your love
A love I can see

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