"Love We Got Goin’ Lyrics"

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Song Name: Love We Got Goin’ Lyrics
Artist: Keith Urban
Album: Keith Urban 's Album
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Keith Urban – Love We Got Goin’ Lyrics

We’ve spent a long time side by side
Guess I’ve loved you forever
Sometimes we laughed, sometimes we cried
Still we made it together
I don’t know what I’d do without you
Girl you make me smile
You know I can’t stop thinkin’ about you
Oh you drive me wild

Baby our love is still comin’ on strong
You give me strength that I needed so long
I can’t explain how I feel in my heart
But the love we got goin’ will never fall apart

Now here you are still in my arms
After so many years have gone
It seems we both were meant to be
Now that all of the tears have gone
And when it’s time to settle down
And get ourselves a home
I’ll be beside you all the way
Never again will you be alone


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