"I Can’t Let You Go Lyrics"

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Song Name: Get These Blues Off Me
Artist: B.B. King
Album: One Kind Favor (Bonus Track Version)
No. Of Songs In Album: 15
Release Date: 25-Aug-2008
Song Duration: 4.4666666666667
Genere: Blues
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B.B. King – I Can’t Let You Go Lyrics

What did I do wrong, baby
I tried to keep you satisfied
Whenever you needed me
I was right there by your side
Now tell me
What’s the reason, baby
What’s the reason
You’re leaving me

I ain’t got nobody else
Baby, it’s always been you
‘Cause there ain’t nobody
Ain’t nobody else
Can make me feel the way you do
I love you, I love you
I love you so, baby
You know I just can’t
I just can’t let you go

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