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Song Name: Love One Another
Artist: Amber
Album: Amber
No. Of Songs In Album: 14
Release Date: 21-Sep-1999
Song Duration: 3.5006666666667
Genere: Pop
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Amber – Love One Another Lyrics

Love one another, sisters and brothers
Love one another — hey … hey …
Love one another, father and mother
Love one another

Everybody needs a little tenderness
Everybody needs a release
from the cell they lock themselves in
Love is the only peace

Everybody needs, everybody cries
Everybody bleeds, everybody dies
Everybody dreams, everybody wakes
Everybody makes mistakes

Chorus (1x)

One boy is born in Bethlehem
One girl in Amsterdam
One boy is born in Gambia
One girl in Vietnam

Everybody black, everybody white
We are all the same, if we look inside
Knowing what we know, why do we still fight?
Time for us to see the light

Chorus (1x)

Love one another
Love one another

We were given a world so beautiful
A deep ocean, a blue, blue sky
No mother or father should live to see
A war where children die

Chorus (to fade)

Baby, baby

You’ve got to give
You’ve got to love
You’ve got to give
You’ve got to love
(repeat to fade)

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